Booking details

When booking your cat into the Hilltop Boutique Cattery, there are a few things we need to know to ensure your cat has the most comfortable stay possible, giving you peace of mind while you have to be apart.

Vaccination card
Medication (if required)
Vet details
Insurance details
Special food and treats (if required)
Favourite toys
Favourite blankets
Social media or email contact details for updates.

Your cat's medical care

Please ensure that you bring all your cat’s medication with you and that there is adequate supply for the duration of your cat’s stay. Make sure that you give us all details of the care required for your cat such as times to administer medication. Please also provide us with the name and contact details of your own veterinary surgeon should we need to consult them regarding your cat’s health and ongoing care.


At Hilltop Boutique Cattery, we are happy to administer tablets and medications such as ear or eye drops, however we are not able to administer injections.

Vaccination, Flea and Worm

To ensure the wellbeing of all the animals in our care, we insist that all guests at Hilltop Boutique Cattery are fully vaccinated and up to date on their anti-flea and worm treatments. We require you to bring a vaccination card for your cat, and we reserve the right to treat any animal found to have fleas or worms during their stay. Any additional flea and worm treatments required will be charged to the owner.

Veterinary Information and insurance

We require you to disclose the address of your cat’s veterinary practice, and we require the details of your pet insurance provider in the unlikely event medical care is required for your pet while they are with us.

Visit before you book

We are delighted to welcome any owners to visit us before you book. Feel free to drop in during our usual business hours, or for an out-of-hours visit, contact the team and arrange an appointment.

Call now to arrange a visit

Booking FAQs

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