Keeping your cat calm in the car

March 29, 2019

Some cats travel like a dream. Sleeping soundly in their carriers or chatting away while looking through the bars out the window. This isn’t the case for all cat owners, however, and although some cats will never settle down when they’re strapped in for a car journey, there are a few things that might make the ride a little easier for them and for you.

Smoothly does it

Try and keep your journey as smooth as possible and avoid heavy braking or long waits at roadworks by planning the most efficient journey possible. Keep the noise within the car down by refraining from playing loud music, and if you are travelling with children, remind them to be gentle and quiet, to help keep your cat calm.

Spray it again

If your cat is a very nervous traveller, the next time you visit your vet, you might want to ask if a hormone spray for soothing anxious cats would be appropriate for your pet? Although not suitable for every feline, many pet owners swear that a few spritzes in the cat carrier ten minutes before it’s time to leave can be the difference between an unhappy cat and a cat that’s managing to cope in a stressful situation.


Familiar blankets are always a good option for inside the carrier and to help keep your kitty mellow surrounded by the smells of home. But consider another blanket over the cat carrier if they find car journeys stressful. A warm, dark environment can help cats settle down and even catch forty winks on their journey.

Keep it clean

Not all cats settle down and sleep. Some make a lot of noise and get so upset that they can make themselves ill or soil the cat carrier. This is very distressing for your pet (and you) but try and keep calm if it happens. If your cat regularly vomits, then avoid feeding them within 12 hours of their journey, and make sure they get a very full bowl of food once they have settled down at their destination. If they are prone to soiling themselves, line the cat carrier with clean rags that can be thrown away if necessary. Catteries are used to this happening, however, so do not worry if you are checking in your cat with a smelly carrier.